Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development Government Of Pakistan

Overseas Pakistanis Youth Council

Formation of Overseas Pakistanis Youth Council (OPYC) under the auspices of OPF for young Pakistanis settled abroad, who are less familiar with their country of origin and who have not visited Pakistan for an extended period, but have a desire to know their heritage/culture/roots.

The selected members of OPYC to have an insight into the making of Naya Pakistan and to gain substantial knowledge of varied aspects of life in the country. The participants to visit places of cultural, social and religious significance, have meetings with well-known personalities from different walks of life and enjoy a unique opportunity to be apprised of their heritage and the process of current development initiatives in Pakistan. The participants of OPYC will have the opportunity for an audience with the honorable President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan. On their return to their home countries, it is envisaged that they will act as the ambassadors of Pakistan.

The members of OPYC to act as brand ambassadors of Pakistan and OPF in the country of their residence. They will be expected to apply their learning experience to project a positive image of Pakistan. The visit will be an eye-openers for the participants, a rare acquainting experience with their motherland, due to which most of the participants will seriously start thinking on the lines of returning permanently to Pakistan bringing with them solid educational back ground and in some cases working experience of prominent western organizations.

Initially, OPF is targeting around 20 students from United Kingdom, Europe and Americas in the lunching phase to be made part of OPYC. As per conditions the members of OPYC to be selected for a period of one year. Nominations to be forwarded duly endorsed by Pakistani Missions abroad. OPF will maintain close liaison with them for a fruitful future collaboration.