Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development Government Of Pakistan

Overseas Pakistani Advisory Council (OPAC)

The Government of Pakistan attaches high priority to the overseas Pakistanis and is keen to promote, nurture and sustain a mutually beneficial and productive relationship between Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis. Currently over nine million Pakistanis or more than four percent of the country’s population are residing in 115 different countries around the world. The overseas Pakistanis are playing a pivotal role in the development and growth of their homeland through remittances.  As per directives of the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development the Overseas Pakistani Advisory Council (OPAC) is being revived/re-activated in order to have a broader perspective and understanding of the problems/issues faced by overseas Pakistanis throughout the world. The council to consist of notable overseas Pakistanis, working/settled in different countries who have made valuable contributions for the cause of country of origin as well as for the betterment of Pakistani community. OPAC will also suggest corrective measures as well as steps required to address the various issues facing Pakistani community. Besides, OPAC will also assist OPF to create awareness about various services offered by OPF for overseas Pakistanis as well as their dependents.Pakistani Missions abroad have forwarded nominations of notable overseas Pakistanis who have substantially contributed to the cause of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis in their host countries. However, it was felt necessary on the part of OPF to form a homogeneous group by inviting nominations of prospective members through its website.


The OPAC to comprise of 50 members, with regions-wise representation of high overseas Pakistanis concentration areas i.e., Middle East, Europe, Americas and Rest of the world. Prospective overseas Pakistanis who fulfills the requisite laid down criteria are encourage to register, but not later than the cut-off date i.e., May 7th, 2019.