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Press Releases - OPF Chairman welcomed a 20-member delegation of overseas Pakistanis Solidarity at Rochdale on 11 November 2017

OPF Chairman welcomed a 20-member delegation of overseas Pakistanis Solidarity at Rochdale on 11 November 2017




OPF Chairman welcomes a delegation of expats members of OPS

OPF Chairman welcomed a 20-member delegation of overseas Pakistanis Solidarity at Rochdale on 11 November 2017.

Javed Malik headed the delegation and Raja Najabat Hussain represented the AJK diaspora and Qaisar Bari represented social media team.

Representatives from West Midlands, Bradford, Manchester, Bristol, Rochdale, Ashton, Oldham and Rochdale attended the private luncheon.

Barrister Amjad Malik said at the event, "It was very nice to welcome a representative delegation of OPS (overseas Pakistanis Solidarity) today and we discussed issues of expats in UK and Europe, we explored ways with which we can work together and issues which are important to work as a common ground i.e. image of Pakistan in the eyes of our children, service delivery and investment and ensuring good governance and accountability."

Javed Malik and his OPS team especially Honourable female executive members were warmly welcomed by the Chairman OPF who declared it a good omen that women representation in any organization brings diversity and quality in performance in all projects.

OPS as a good will gesture announced to work for mutual benefit of overseas Pakistanis withdrawing any litigation pending in Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Leader of AJK Raja Najabat Hussain was welcomed and Chairman bestowed upon him a life membership opf as a good will gesture and gave him membership pack and decorated Pakistani flag in his chest acknowledging his services for Kashmir. Raja Najabat Hussain assured full cooperation to OPF from Kashmiri diaspora.

OPF Presentation was given by Chairman BOG of the OPF on 18 months activity of the organization and he outlined all initiatives which has been introduced by opf in recent times.

Chairman welcomed the delegation and confirmed that 30 members from UK, 15 from USA and Canada and 15 members from different cities of Europe has been included on the OPF Advisory Panel. He said it will foster relations between over 8 million overseas citizens overseas and the OPF and will increase its meaningfulness. The delegation discussed the issues which confront the overseas community in details in particular UK and Europe and how to improve information network and connectivity between Pakistan and the Diaspora.

Chairman discussed the progress of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation in a year briefed the delegation of his visit to UK in March 2017 and the report on issues which was sent to the Board and It was appreciated by then Prime Minister of Pakistan with a letter dated 12 February 2017 in the following words that, “let me take this opportunity to inform that my government accords high priority to the welfare of oversees Pakistanis, and is making concerted efforts in this regard. Your keen interest in their welfare is truly appreciated.”.

 Chairman briefed the delegation of the actions OPF has taken to end red tape through OPAC (OPF advisory council), better its services through online complaint system, overseas Pakistanis Commissions in provinces, improved website www.opf.org.pk, portal to lodge complaint, 24 hours helpline 009251-111040040 and a help desk at 8 international airports in Pakistan. He mentioned that open public meetings through missions in overseas, and engagement through Advisory Council for betterment in the service delivery, annual progress report and International Convention will assist to make a reformed policy, and take policy decisions for the betterment of the overseas community. He emphasized that the board has operated zero tolerance on corruption and in 18 months, BoG tried to bridle all issues which came to their notice.

The delegation appreciated the idea of promotion of image, service delivery and investment of skills and experience along with healthy remittances and offered their unconditional cooperation to OPF in this pursuit. The delegation invited the Chairman to visit OPS initiative as earliest as possible to meet and greet the overseas community and OPS members, which the Chairman has accepted for early 2018 and Barrister Amjad Malik asked IPS executive to visit Pakistan and join the international Migration Week from 18-22 December 2017 in Pakistan.

Open question and answer session was held and participants from different regions asked questions from the Chairman of the BoG freely and he answered them all.

 President OPS Javed Malik outlined his work in UK. Following CEC and members were given certificate of attendance and recognition by the Chairman of the BOG of the OPF.

They were including its chairman.

  • Javed Ahmed Malik
  • Pamila Malik
  • Najma Hafeez
  • Moin chishti
  • Naheed Iqbal
  • Musaret
  • Waqar Ashraf
  • Liaqet Ali
  • Rehan kiyani
  • Fahad Javed
  • Noreen
  • Naila
  • Arif
  • Mohd Hussain
  • Qaiser bari
  • Shehla Him
  • Rukhsana
  • Sumaira Tha No
  • Rubina Iqbal
  • Tariq Bhatti

 The delegation was acknowledged by the Chairman Board of Governors of the OPF for their services to the promotion of awareness of rights and connectivity in UK, EU & Pakistan and a special shield was given to head of the visiting delegate.

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