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Press Releases - 141st Meeting of the BOG at OPF Head Office

141st Meeting of the BOG at OPF Head Office

Islamabad, 22-12-2017

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation

Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development

Shahrah-e-Jamhuriyat G-5/2 Islamabad


                                                                                                    Islamabad Dec 22, 2017

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF)

141st Meeting of the BOG held at OPF Head Office


The 141st meeting of the OPF Board of Governors was convened on 22nd December 2017. The meeting was chaired by Chairman OPF Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik and attended by Federal Secretary Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD Dr. Hashim Popalzai, MD OPF Mr. Habib-ur-Rehman Gillani, Special Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Shah Jamal and other board members including Captain Shaheen Khalid Butt, Mr. Muhammad Jehangir Minhas, Sahibzada Saeed Ahmed, Abdul Akbar Sharifzada and Mrs. Anjum Assad Amin.

The proceedings initiated with the presentation of OPF’s Annual Performance Report 2016-17 to the Board for approval. It is worth-mentioning that the Estate Management Record pertaining to OPF housing schemes is being digitalized and the software launching was done in the presence of Chairman and Board members. Through this software overseas Pakistanis would be able to access all the details regarding their property from the comfort of their respective homes.   

Furthermore, state of the art dynamic and interactive website for all OPF Schools/Colleges was also inaugurated and lauded by all the members. The board took major strategic decisions in the meeting including; handing possession of plots in OPF Housing Scheme Zone-V, Sector C Islamabad by end of December 2017 and arranging the Overseas Pakistanis Convention in 2018.

The BOG praised the successful holding of seminar on Reintegration of Returnee Migrants by OPF administration and appreciated the hard work and commitment shown while executing various projects.

While concluding the meeting Chairman directed that all on-going projects taken up by OPF must be completed within the stipulated time.

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