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Press Releases - Member OPAC from Amsterdam Javed Sana called on the Chairman OPF Board of Governors,Barrister Amjad Malik at a luncheon on 15th of October 2017

Member OPAC from Amsterdam Javed Sana called on the Chairman OPF Board of Governors,Barrister Amjad Malik at a luncheon on 15th of October 2017


Press Release

Greater Manchester October 15, 2017

Member OPAC from Amsterdam Javed Sana called on the Chairman Board of Governors of the Overseas Pakistani Foundation Barrister Amjad Malik at a luncheon on 15th of October 2017.

 Chairman welcomed the delegate Javed Sana and congratulated on their inclusion from Netherlands 🇳🇱 at the OPAC along with other fellow members Haji Adrees and Eric Sarwar.

 Chairman confirmed that 15 other members from different cities of Europe and over 150 overall from the would has been included on the OPF Advisory Panel to advise and assist to reform the organisation . He said it will foster relations between over 40,000 overseas Pak origin citizens in Netherlands and the OPF and it will increase its meaningfulness. The delegation discussed the issues which confront the overseas community in details in particular Netherlands and Europe and how to improve information network and connectivity between Pakistan and the Diaspora.

 Javed Sana asked to take along other segments of overseas community and include their representations whilst any policy initiative is orchestrated.

 Earlier this month, Haji Adrees Ahmed, Member OPAC raised the issue of resumption of PIA flight from Amsterdam to Pakistan and asked the Govt. to convert the buildings of PIA in Amsterdam for community use. Rev. Sarwar Eric Member OPAC raised the issue of bilateral exchanges of youth delegations to improve the image of Pakistan amongst our next generations, to which Chairman promised to include their representations and raise it with the concerned.

Chairman discussed the progress of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation in a year briefed the delegation of his visit to Hague in January 2017 and the report on issues which was sent to the Board and It was appreciated by then Prime Minister of Pakistan with a letter dated 12 February 2017 in the following words that , “ let me take this opportunity to inform that my government accords high priority to the welfare of oversees Pakistanis, and is making concerted efforts in this regard. Your keen interest in their welfare is truly appreciated.”

Chairman briefed the delegate of the actions OPF has taken to end red tape through OPAC (OPF advisory council), better its services through online complaint system, overseas Pakistanis Commissions in provinces, improved website www.opf.org.pk , portal to lodge complaint, 24 hours helpline 009251-111040040 and a help desk at 8 international airports in Pakistan. He mentioned that open public meetings through missions in overseas, and engagement through Advisory Council for betterment in the service delivery, annual report and International Convention will assist to make a reformed policy, and take policy decisions for the betterment of the overseas community. He emphasized that the board has operated zero tolerance in corruption and in 18 months, BoG tried to bridle all issues which came to their notice.

 The delegate appreciated the idea of promotion of image, service delivery and investment of skills and experience along with healthy remittances and offered their unconditional cooperation to OPF in this pursuit. The delegate echoed the invitation the Chairman to visit Netherland as earliest as possible to meet and greet the overseas community, which the Chairman confirmed that he has accepted for early 2018.

 The visiting delegate was acknowledged by the Chairman Board of Governors of the OPF for attending the 1997 convention and giving healthy feed back and material to be used for coming 2017 convention and his services to the promotion of awareness of rights and connectivity in EU & Pakistan and a special membership of the Advisory Council shield was given to visiting delegate. Javed Sana thanked the chairman of the BoG of the OPF and gave him the material booklet of 1997 convention and correspondence.


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