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Press Releases - First Pakistani origin Mayor of Warrington and current Member of Parliament Honourable Faisal Rahsid called on the Chairman OPF Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik

First Pakistani origin Mayor of Warrington and current Member of Parliament Honourable Faisal Rahsid called on the Chairman OPF Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik



 Greater Manchester October, 2017

First Pakistani origin Mayor of Warrington of 2016 and current Member of Parliament from Warrington South Right Honourable Faisal Rahsid called on the Chairman OPF Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik at his chambers in Rochdale on 2nd of October 2017. Member OPAC Cllr Asim Rashid, and Community elder Mian Rshid specially attended this special meeting.

 Chairman welcomed the Member of Parliament from Warrington South and congratulated him on his election as well as inclusion from UK to sit on the Advisory Council of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation. He said it will foster relations between 1.2 million overseas citizens in UK and the OPF and increase its vitality with the inclusion of serious people on it who knows the issues and have experience to guide and assist to deal with them.

Both discussed the progress of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation in a year and discussed the issues which confront the overseas community in details in particular UK and Europe and how to improve information network and connectivity between Pakistan and the Diaspora.

 Rt. Hon. Mr. Rahsid emphasised the need to end land confiscation cases through a meaningful structural reforms in criminal justice system and give right to vote & representation to millions of overseas Pakistanis. He expressed his satisfaction on the initiatives taken by the current Board of Governors but stressed that more needs to be done to woo the neglected overseas community by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis as horizon must be widened to accommodate those settled in UK,EU USA and West. He said those in Europe have a lot in common and loads to offer to their country of origin in service industry. He appreciated role model initiative of the Chief Minister Punjab through OPC Punjab which is helping many overseas Pakistanis in 36 districts of the Punjab. He said he has recently visited Lahore and Faisalabad as well as AJK and Capital and OP’s are reaping the benefits to the overseas community of the good initiatives. He said that it’s heartening to know that Govt of Pakistan is engaging with the people who have knowledge and experience to come and aide with their expertise to consult, can  offer advice and assist to resolve grievances, complaints and make written and oral representations on behalf of 8 million overseas Pakistanis.

 Chairman briefed the yearly work of the OPF and actions taken to end red tape through OPAC (OPF advisory council), better services through online complaint system, overseas Pakistanis Commissions in provinces, improved website, portal to lodge complaint, 24 hours helpline 009251-111040040 and a help desk at 8 international airports in Pakistan. He mentioned that open public meetings through missions overseas, and engagement through Advisory Council for betterment in the service delivery, annual report and International Convention will assist to make a policy, and take policy decisions for the betterment of the overseas community. He emphasised that the board has operated zero tolerance in corruption and in 18 months, BoG tried to bridle all issues which came to their notice including education and housing. No new projects were authorised until old ones are completed in a reasonable time frame.

 Rt. Hon. Faisal Rashid appreciated the idea of promotion  of image, service delivery and investment of skills and experience along with healthy remittances and offered his unconditional cooperation to OPF in this pursuit. Cllr Asim Rahsid lauded the idea of Overseas Advisory Council to emancipate the Diaspora and stressed the need of right of representation in the houses of Parliament to make the consultation meaningful.  

 The role model community leader was acknowledged by the Chairman Board of Governors of the OPF for his services to the promotion of awareness of rights and connectivity in UK & Pakistan and a special membership of the Advisory Council shield was given to the MP Faisal Rashid at this occasion.   


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