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Chairman OPF Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik welcomed Rochdale Member of Parliament Right Honourable Tony Lloyd, Newly appointed Consul General Amir Aftab Qureshi and 30 members Overseas Pakistanis Advisory Council of the OPF at a busy session on the eve of 19th September 2017 at Rochdale Town Hall.

 Mayor of Rochdale Ian Duckworth with Lady Mayoress, Rt.Hon. Tony Lloyd MP for Rochdale, Counsel General Mcr. His Excellency Amir Aftab Qureshi, Rt. Hon. Jehangir  Minhas Member BoG of the OPF (AJK) , Right Hon. Shadab Qamar Mayor of Oldham , Hon. Yasmeen Qureshi MP - Member of Parliament for Bolton south east & shadow Justice Minister, Rt. Hon. Raja Ansar Hussain Mayor of Milton Keynes graced the occasion. Member OPAC Samina Khan acted as the stage secretary.

 Qari Shafiq ur Rehman recited the holy verses.

 Chairman welcomed the guests of honour and all the community members and OPAC members and opined that OPF and Govt of Pakistan accord high priority to the overseas Pakistanis and they are our roaming ambassadors. OPAC is tool to better our connectivity with the Diaspora and bridge the gap which exists between both sides. Ending red tape, raising Pakistan’s image, better our serves, enhancing investment and by reforming to ensure accountability thorough governance is a priority of the OPF.

 Jahangir Minhas apprised the audience of the initiative OPF is taking in the housing sector to ensure colonisation and interact with the overseas community to incite them towards investment through joint ventures.

 Consul General of Pakistan at Manchester, Amir Aftab Qureshi termed advisory council a step towards right direction to consult on issues core to the heart of expats.

 MP for Rochdale Tony Lloyd appreciated that OPF has elected a resident of UK and Rochdale as its first chairman from overseas  which will send a right message to those millions living overseas.

Mayor of Rochdale Ian Duckworth welcomed the guests at the precious Town Hall and has said that though he is learning about this new initiative but it’s a fantastic way to reach out and learn each other by breaking the bread and he welcomed all members and guests at the Rochdale Town Hall.

 Following thirty members have been selected so far from UK, their names are as following:

Mr. Naeem ul Hassan, Dr. Abdul Hafeez, Mr Aneel Mussarat, Mr Father Falak Sher, Mr.Rafique Malik,Raja Aftab Sharif, Mr  Shakeel Qmar,Mrs Samina Khan, Mr Ilyas Gondal,Ms Azra Meadows,Raja Sher Akbar ,Mr. Zubair Gul,Raja Javed Iqbal ,Azhar Mahmood, Mr. Zubair Iqbal Kiani,Mr Wajid Shams-ul-Hassan, Dr. Suhail Chughati,Cllr Faisal Rasheed, UK,Cllr AsimRasheed , Mr. Mohammed Nazir, Sheffield,Mr. Asghar, Wales,Mrs. Qintarun Nawadar, Ch. Ansar Mahmood, Advocate,Mr. Wajahat Ali Khan,Mr. Naeem Abbasi,Mr. Naeem ur Rehman Mirza,Cllr Ghzanfar khaliq ex Mayor Bradford,Cllr Mohd Ajeeb ex Mayor Bradford ,Cllr Mohd Iqbal ex Mayor Leeds,Cllr Hanif Raja (Glasgow),

 Those Members of the OPAC who attended this event expressed their opinion. Mr. Naeem Ul Hassan ex mayor of Manchester appreciated the initiative. Dr. Abdul Hafeez founder member of APPS UK opined that rewarding the Pakistani investors and role models must continue , The Revd Canon Falak Sher said that OPAC membership will give a voice to overseas Christian community here and abroad, Mr.Rafique Malik former mayor of Burnley and of Jinnah Centre said our long standing demand of advisory council is met, Raja Aftab Sharif a community leader from AJK region appreciated the event and said that those hailing from AJK will be best served by contacting those who know the issues of Kashmir, Mr  Shakeel Qmar said that we were writing through columns now we will be making demands on the panel especially our experience of Baluchistan will assist the panel, Mrs Samina Khan has said that we raised issues through media and I will use this platform to raise issues of youth and females in uk at the forum, Mr Ilyas Gondal general secretary of the association of Pakistani Lawyers UK said that lawyers will contribute to the development and rule of law in Pakistan and justice to every citizen in Pakistan here and abroad, Raja Sher Akbar said that I am delighted that OPF included members from areas like Gilgit and I congratulate the team for such brave initiative,

Azhar Mahmood from Birmingham appreciated the good intentions behind this OPAC,

UK, Cllr Asim Rasheed emphasised that right to vote and representation needs to ensured and women and youth must be included in such panels.  Mr. Mohammed Nazir from Sheffield appreciated and ran a documentary on the history of Pakistan and he assured that we will support ideologically this initiative, Ch. Ansar Mahmood Advocate from London highly acknowledged the gesture and assured his maximum contribution to the cause of overseas, and finally Naeem Abbasi of OPWC London thanked the OPF for this honour and he said that we will mobilise public support to galvanise the issues towards the solution of problems faced by the overseas community.

 Those appointed as the members of the Advisory Council individually received their membership certificates and a shield from honourable guests and expressed their willingness to participate the process of unique consultation.

 15 out of 30 attended the inaugural session and received their membership certificates. Chairman BoG of the OPF along with visiting member of Bog Jehangir Minhas honoured the Rochdale Mayor, Consul General , MP for Rochdale and past non executive Director of the OPF Ch Shahid Ahmad at the event. A sumptuous dinner was organised and a large segment of community attended the gathering.

 People from all walks of life attended the inaugural session at the Town Hall. Dr Liaqat Malik, Ghulam Rasool Shehzad OBE, Imtiaz Ahmed, Zahid Mahmood from worldwide, Suhail Ahmed, Hafiz Malik, Abdul ghafoor, Zafar rathore, safdar Malik, Sardar Qadri, and Community welfare attaché Fizza Niazi attended the event.

 Chairman OPF Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik thanked all the guests , his office teams here and Pakistan, OPF staff and above all volunteers, and appreciated the voluntary team consisting of Sajid Hussain, Humza Malik, Hafiz Mudassar , Haroon Mirza, Aftab Sharif, Sulaiman Butt, Haseeb Khan and Mohammad Nazir which made the event successful.                              

                                                                                    Public Relation Officer