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Press Releases - 141st meeting of Finance and Welfare Committee

141st meeting of Finance and Welfare Committee

Islamabad, 28-08-2017

The 141st meeting of Finance and Welfare Committee was held on 28 August 2017. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman OPF Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik and attended by Habib ur Rehman Gillani MD OPF, Manzoor Kiayani, Joint Secretary, M/o Overseas Pakistanis, Shah Jamal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other high official of OPF.

The committee reviewed the minutes of the 140th meeting of Finance & Welfare Committee held on July 05, 2017. The main agenda points included, OPF Eye Hospital Mirpur – Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between OPF and Muslim Hands (an international aid agency and NGO), Libyan Social Security Fund, Relaxation in Criteria of Financial Aid Scheme, Pilot Project - Establishment of Reintegration Centre for Returnee Pakistani Workers and Regularization of expenditure amounting to Rs. 5.908 million in connection with Low Power Factor (LPF).

Following key decisions were taken by the committee;

  • Restructuring of finance division was agreed, CFO to be informed and consulted, audit and HR committee to be informed about the restructuring.
  • Executive Director Welfare and Services updated the committee about working of one window facilitation desk, OPAC and other welfare services. After detailed discussion on the working of eye hospital it was agreed that more deliberations needs to be made before entering into an MoU with any organization, a proper case to be put forward within seven days. On Libyan fund it was agreed to alert potential claimants an advertisement will be released. Chairman highly appreciated the efforts made by welfare ambulance service staff.
  • Reference reintegration the idea was approved in-principle but the reintegration center to be placed inside OPF premises. The reintegration will at OPF level and at ministry level focus on developing a database of returning overseas Pakistanis with a view to facilitate them through trainings and skill development for reemployment.
  • It was noted that more coordination with Punjab OPC is required.
  • Corporate business strategy and plan; Company Secretary informed the committee the administrative process on developing corporate business strategy and plan is finalized. After discussion it was agreed that OPF will contact different donors to fund the costs of making the roadmap (strategy and plan).
  • Lastly, Community Welfare Attaches are the face of OPF abroad, based on performance their hard work will be appreciated annually and performance will be shared with relevant ministries. On 18th December each year National Overseas Pakistanis Day to acknowledge the services of Pakistani Nationals, who remained outstanding in various fields and are a great pride for Pakistan. Chairman highlighted that this day every year will encourage the Pakistani community abroad and it will raise the image of Government departments.