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A farewell lunch in the honour of outgoing Consul General of Pakistan, Dr Zahoor Ahmed was held on Sunday at Vermillion Manchester. 

Hosted by Amjad Malik, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Overseas Pakistsnis Foundation (OPF), the lunch was attended by community representatives including Rochdale MP Tony Lloyd and Castelton councillor Aasim Rashid.

The event opened with verses from the holy Quran and closed with a special prayer said by the Father Falak Sher.

A plaque was given as a memento to acknowledge Dr Zahoor Ahmed's services for the community of Greater Manchester on behalf of the diaspora following a sumptuous lunch.

Mr Malik said that Dr Zahoor Ahmed had served his community well. He added: "It is my privilege to honour the outgoing Consul General of Pakistan, Dr Zahoor Ahmed, and welcome newly the arrived Consul General, Amir Aftab."

The new Counsel General is Amir Aftab who said he intended to build on the legacy provided by Dr Ahmed and to begin his role with a new vigour to improve the service provided further.