Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development Government Of Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Hashim Popalzai

Federal Secretary, Ministry of OP & HRD / Chairman BOG

Dr. Amer Sheikh

Member (Ex-Officio) Managing Director, OPF

Mr. Aamer Mahmood Hussain

Member (Ex-Officio) M/o Finance

Mr. Shah M. Jamal

Member (Ex-Officio) M/o Foreign Affairs

Mr. Javed Akbar Bhatti

Member (Ex-Officio) M/o Commerce

Mr. Siddique Shaikh

Member (Ex-Officio) M/o Interior

Mr. Muhammad Khashih Ur Rehman

Member (Ex-Officio) M/o Law, Justice & HR

Mr. G. Hassan Baig

Member (Ex-Officio) DG (CAA) Aviation Division