Economic Rehabilitation معاشی بحالی
Financial Aid to destitute families غریب خاندانوں کو مالی امداد
OPF had introduced Financial Aid Scheme in 1980-81 to provide financial assistance to the destitute families of Overseas Pakistanis in the event of death or disability of Overseas Pakistanis, while working abroad or a period of three years from the permanent return to Pakistan. Deceased and Disabled overseas Pakistani should be a registered member of OPF. This is one time non refundable grant. It is aimed to help the bereaved family to overcome their initial financial problems soon after the demise or disability of their earning members. OPF provides an amount of Rs. 400,000/- to the families of deceased Overseas Pakistanis and Rs. 300,000/- to disabled applicants.
Total No. of Beneficiaries upto 30-06-2015
تعداد مستفید خاندان
Total Amount Disbursed
کل تقسیم کردہ رقم ؍مالی امداد
8,352 Rs. 1,004 Million
Criteria of Financial Aid Scheme اہلیت
  1. The deceased/disabled Overseas Pakistani should be a registered member of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation.Evidence of OPF membership shall be provided through one of the following documents:-
    • OPF Membership Card.(Voluntary and Compulsory)
    • Pakistani gets himself protected by the Protector of Emigrants by depositing Welfare Fund for employment abroad. Page of Passport where stamp and signature of the Protector of Emigrants are affixed will be considered as evidence for OPF Membership.
    • Insurance Certificate issued by the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan duly attested by the Protector of Emigrants with Registration Number, date and Stamp should be acceptable as OPF Membership.
  2. Dependents of deceased Overseas Pakistanis or Overseas Pakistanis who become disabled can apply for grant of financial aid (being one time financial assistance). Cases with permanent disability such as amputation, paralysis, loss of vision (blind) and other cases with visible disability will be considered and cases having partial or invisible disability will not be considered for grant of financial aid. The applicants will have to prove his disability by providing an original Disability Certificate from concerned Surgeon/Specialist of Govt. Hospital/Institution or departments of Provincial Governments/AJK/GB/FATA.
  3. The following dependents of the deceased overseas Pakistanis are eligible to apply for grant of Financial Aid in order of preference as follow:-
    • Widow of deceased Overseas Pakistani. In case of two or up to four wives, an amount granted would be equally distributed between the widows of the deceased.
    • Children of the deceased OP’s below the age of 18 years (In case widow got Re-married or died) can apply through guardian appointed by the court of law.
    • Parents of Un-Married deceased Overseas Pakistani.
    • If an intending Overseas Pakistani gets himself protected by the Protector of Emigrants and deposits Welfare Fund for employment abroad but dies in Pakistan prior to his departure abroad; his/her family or dependents are also entitled to avail the facility of financial aid.
  4. The following dependents are not eligible to apply for grant of Financial Aid.
    • Re-Married Widow after the death of the deceased, at the time of receipt of payment.
    • Adult Children (Over 18 Years).
    • Brothers and Sisters of the deceased.
    • Financially sound dependents (Widow, Minors and Parents).
    • If both husband and wife are OPF members only one time financial aid will be granted to the family, in case of death/disability of both the members.
  5. Cases of those registered overseas Pakistanis will be considered for grant of financial aid who died/became disabled while working abroad or within three years from the date of their return to Pakistan. The death/disability applications should be filed within the period of three years as per criteria given below.
    • In case of death/disability abroad, three years period will be considered from the date of mishap.
    • In case of death/disability within Pakistan, three years period will start from the date of his return to Pakistan.
  6. Applicants are entertained on the principle of “First Come First Serve Basis”.
  7. The application will be entertained once only.
  8. Financial Aid will be awarded through crossed cheque to applicants.
  9. The disabled applicant will have to provide a proper disability certificate clearly identifying the nature & level of present disability by the doctor concerned.
  10. If the deceased overseas Pakistani was unmarried, his parents may apply, along with proof of his marital status.
  11. 11. All documents should be attested by the Gazetted Officers (Grade-17)/Secretary Union Council/Numberdar.
  12. Affidavits should be attested by Oath Commissioner/Notary Public.
Note: Photocopy of prescribed application form is not accepted. Application form will be issued on provision of the following original documents.
  • Passport(s) of the deceased overseas Pakistani.
  • Death Certificate issued by the host country / provincial departments.
  • NICOP/ CNIC of the deceased.
  • CNIC of the applicant.

Form filled in all respects along with the requisite documents duly attested should be submitted to the OPF Head Office (For residents of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Attock, Jhelum and Chakwal) or concerned Regional Office (Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Mirpur AJK).
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